Cafe Ligne
Cafe Ligne

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Cafe Ligne

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Minci Coffee, also known as Café Ligne, is made of concentrated extract of unroasted and decaffeinated green coffee. It acts on sugar metabolism by preventing it from transforming into fat and reduces insulin secretion. Meanwhile, it helps regulate mood swings and appetite in order to avoid cravings and snacking. NO prescription, NO caffeine, NO cafestol, and NO kahweol. Just a pleasant taste.


Pour one stick in a cup with boiling water, preferably in the morning.



After 15 days:
Average 2.2 kg weight loss.



  • Svetol™: decaffeinated and unroasted green coffee extract with a neutralizing action on sugar absorption, which forces the human body to draw from its fat reserves.
  • Acacia fibers: reduce fat absorption, stimulate and regulate transit and possess proven prebiotic and bifidogenic effects.
  • Garcinia: natural appetite regulator. This plant reduces hunger and cravings. It also diminishes fat formation and storage.



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