Slim Stick


Slim Stick

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Slim Stick is a supplement packed with herbs, vitamins, and minerals that provide weight loss and anti-oxidant actions. It is ideal for those suffering from water retention and cellulite. Slim Stick has a delicious fruity taste, and it even comes with a plastic bottle!


Drink one shot every day for 15 days, preferably in the morning, or during your cardio session at the gym. You can also dilute it with water.



After 28 days:
Up to 3.3 kg weight loss and -1.4 cm waist circumference



  • Cactinea™: also known as prickly pear extract or cactus fruit. It is rich in vitamins and minerals and highly concentrated in indicaxanthin, a rare and precious antioxidant pigment easily absorbed by the body. It is also highly draining and promotes the elimination of toxins, while preserving essential minerals.
  • Meadowsweet: fights water retention and cellulite thanks to its diuretic, sudorific, and detoxifying properties.
  • Green tea: tones basal metabolism which triggers fat-burning and possesses diuretic properties.